the climate of kerala is moderate

Question 2. Famously known as God’s own country, Kerala in South India is a treasure. The lush greenery, relaxing sound of nature, ripples of the lake makes it one of the best relaxing vacation spots of Kerala. The city of Cuenca, which is located 8,000 feet (2,438 meters) high in the Andes and was ranked as the top place to retire by International Living Magazine in 2009, has spring-like weather year round [source: MSN Money]. While winters in some regions is just pleasant, it snows in North India. The narrow strip of land, 35 to 125 km wide and 580 km long, is wedged between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea. Having a diverse geographical feature, the climate of Kerala … The monsoon is intense and rainy- a typical tropical monsoonal season. Climate of a place is determined by Latitude, altitude, distance from the seas, relief features etc. It was blessed with moderate climate and scenic locations. Lying north to the equator, India’s climate is largely temperate with Southern State being warmer compared to other parts. It is an average of weather condition over a period of 30-35 years. In the hilly regions it is quite cold but it is warmer in the plains and along the sea coast. Don't let this country's name fool you. Kerala - Climate. Despite its location on the equator, Ecuador's elevation helps temper the heat. Kerala experiences a moderate climate throughout the year. Kerala, a state in India that lies close to the equator is bestowed with a pleasing and agreeable through the entire the year. Kerala being situated in the tropical zone, experiences the typical humid tropical climate. Kerala (38,863 km 2; 1.18% of India's landmass) is situated between the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats to the east. Kerala's coast runs some 580 km in length, while the state itself varies between 35–120 km in width. Now the weather system is expected to move further northwestwards in Central Arabian Sea. The South West monsoon starts in May-June and continues up to July-August.. Heavy showers were not seen. Kerala, once known for its moderate and comfortable climate where people never had to bother about the extreme weather conditions occurring in … Since only one value of mean sea level is obtained from Cochin, a moderate value of 3 is. Tropical Evergreen Forest and Deciduous Forest. Two monsoon visit Kerala, bringing plenty of rain. India also gets a maritime as the nation being a peninsula with sea bordering three sides.The duration of summer in India is from March to June. with moderate temperatures. In a span of 24 hours from 8:30 am, Kochi recorded 16 mm of rains, Alappuzha 10 mm, Kannur 12 mm. Climate of Kerala is different from that of the other Indian States. According to Kerala Weather Report, the lowest temperature is around 10°C and the highest temperature is around 25°C. For centuries, Kerala's geography was its USP. Backwaters of Kerala are one of the best things the state has to offer to travellers around the globe. Kerala owes this blessing with its nearness to the sea as well as the fort like Western Ghats on the east. The state of Kerala recorded moderate rains in the past 24 hours. Accumulation of daily and seasonal weather events of a given location over a period of time. Geographically, Kerala roughly … Climate in march is pleasant with moderate temperature. Meanwhile, light rains were seen over Thiruvananthapuram. ... V ulnerability assessment of coastal fisher households in Kerala: a climate change . The best time to be in this region is during the winter season as the temperature is much more moderate. It is the monsoon and the winter that are the best time to visit Kerala for Holidays.

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